The Authority`s public housing department verifies whether or not financial taxes are charged and then allows the buyer to sign a register before the subletting act is carried out. Few developers/owners can show interest in using this instrument, although, he said, there would be no loss for the owners even with the move. 1) There are a number of lawyers on this Delhi 1a site) Isn`t it possible to make changes in the tripartite agreement in the first place? 1) Builder says they have a three standard agreement that is approved by the Greater Noida Development Authority, so no change can be made in the same way. Note that this agreement has not yet been signed by us, they have just sent me a project. Are they correct in saying that they cannot make changes to the tripartite agreement before we sign it? The past history and achievements of the owner must be verified to judge its authenticity. Indeed, the content of the contractual documents must be seen to give an opinion on this subject. 3) What is the safest option for me to protect my rights? A contractor must clear the deadlines before executing a sublease contract with the buyer. The tripartite sublease contract (registration) is made between the buyer, the owner and the authority after all taxes have been released. A sublease is essential to obtain the transfer of ownership from the owner to a buyer.

„We have warned buyers that if they are involved in such irregularities, the Amf must take legal action and recover the costs of the apartment from the buyer. We have now made it mandatory for buyers to reach sector 6 office of authority and sign up to be eligible for the registry,“ said Rajesh Kumar, Special Service Officer, Noida Authority. The registered tripartite agreement and the proposed addendum confirm whether this addendum will be able to resolve the conflicting issues in the original agreement. How is the money repaid if a real estate deal is terminated? It is always preferable to present all relevant documents to a local specialist lawyer who, after proper verification and verification of all documents, must give a clear opinion on the accuracy of these documents.