Corporate Gas Purchase Agreement

This amended and revised natural gas purchase agreement was signed on January 25, 2010, but effective March 1, 2009, between TARGA GAS MARKETING LLC („buyer“) and TARGA NORTH TEXAS LP („seller“) (each „party“ and „parties“) and defines the conditions under which the seller is sold to the buyer and the buyer will purchase from the seller certain gases (as defined below) manufactured in natural gas processing facilities owned by the seller and operated by the seller. This agreement amends in its entirety and confirms that a specific natural gas sales contract dates from December 1, 2005 and enters into force. A renewable AAE is, in simple terms, a contract to purchase electricity from a renewable source. Business buyers can purchase electricity and renewable energy certificates from an energy supplier or producer rather than from a local or national supplier to improve their green benchmarks. AAEs are a contract in which the buyer is required to purchase the production of a renewable energy project. ENGIE was the first energy supplier to develop flexible green gas purchase contracts (GPAs) that allowed your company to earn income from the gas you were exporting. We have the know-how and experience to develop a custom gas purchase contract for your company. As public subsidies decline and markets grow, corporate PPPs will play a key role in ensuring the continued growth of renewable energy across Europe. Our EG-P team works with the business sector to connect organizations with renewable energy sources and help them realize the environmental and economic benefits of electricity supply contracts (AAEs). Enron North America Corp., a Delaware company that has partnered with upstream Company, LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware („Buyer“) and Aspect Resources LLC, a Texas limited liability company, Helmerich-Payne Inc., a Delaware company, Galveston Bay Resources, Inc., a Texas-based, Wilmar Pipelines, Inc., a Texan company (as distributor and agent below for Galveston Bay Resources, Inc.) and Esenjay Petroleum Corporation, a Texas-based company (the four companies as sellers and sellers, „sellers,“ „sellers,“ one or more), each being a „party“ and collectively the „parties,“ made this agreement (this agreement) effective as of November 1, 2001(date). This agreement replaces and replaces, as soon as it comes into force® this specific gas purchase contract (promised reserves/index price) between Aspect Resources, LLC, Helmerich – Payne, Inc., Galveston Bay Resources, Inc., Wilmar Pipelines, Inc.

(as Distributor and Gent and for Gal According to the CONTRACT LAW OF THE PEOPLE`s REPUBLIC OF CHINA, THE MUNICIPAL GAS MANAGEMENT REGULATION, AINSI THAT MUNICIPAL GAS SECURITY MANAGEMENT REGULATION to confirm the rights and obligations of both parties, after negotiation, Part A and Part B have been awarded. This agreement is made by and between Snyder Brothers, Inc., a Pennsylvania company, here „Buyer“ and „Name1,“ a Pennsylvania company called „seller.“ CE GAS PURCHASE AGREEMENT („Agreement“) will be concluded on June 1, 2006 by and between WILLIAMS PRODUCTION RMT Company („Buyer“) and RILEY NATURAL GAS COMPANY („Riley“) and with Riley, with Riley, with „seller,“ and seller, with the buyer, the „parties“ and individually, a „party“). . Sustainability has become a priority for organizations, their customers and stakeholders – and an opportunity for companies to differentiate themselves in competitive markets.