Return Service Agreement Ched

Under the return contract, graduates must first work in the country for a number of years. „If [the response] is incredibly positive because they think the government deserves a return service, we`re going to put it out. But if public opinion opposes it, we won`t,“ Tenazas added.¬†Winawasak nito ang pinaka-esensya ng batas dahil kung may kapalit na serbisyo, hindi na tunay na free ang edukasyon sa kolehiyo (It destroys the essence of the law because it is not really considered a free university education if the service is needed in the exchange), Tinio said. „Universities can implement a return service. It`s part of the powers of all universities… If a university wants to develop a return service, no one can stop it,“ De Vera Rappler said on the sidelines of CHED`s budget briefings in the Senate on Thursday, September 20. Wait: Tinio also said he would wait for an official order banning „return service as a precondition“ after CHED was provided in the House of Commons at the agency`s budget meeting. „The Free Higher Education Act is an acknowledgement that higher education is a right and should not require a return service for students,“ Tinio said. „Ayaw mo mag-return of service, eh di magbayad ka ng tuition, that is the provision of the law (If you don`t want to perform return of service, then pay the tuition, that is the provision of the law),“ de Vera said. Law enforcement provisions and rules are being developed and the Higher Education Commission (CHED) will examine whether higher education institutions and public universities are able to implement a return policy. „The return service will take place while they are students. Hindi yung according to logaduate ka pagtatrabahuhin ka, no, it`s a return service system while they are students,“ he added.

Mr. Gatchalian proposed that students be entitled to provide a return service to their schools by offering registration or student assistant assistance during the registration or enrollment phase, volunteering during university activities, and participating in disaster awareness activities organized by their schools, among others. „The Free Higher Education Act allows our students to excel in the fields of study they wish to pursue by removing the burden of having to pay tuition and other fees. A return service agreement is an easy way for them to continue to pay them and contribute to nation building,“ said Gatchalian, vice-chairman of the Senate Committee on Education, Arts and Culture. MANILA — The University Commission (CHED) has agreed to remove the „return service request“ from the enforcement provisions and regulations (IRR) of Act 10931 or the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act.