Sale And Purchase Agreement Domain

I can`t tell you, the countless times people have called me because they agreed to buy a domain name from someone around the world that they didn`t know, and even though the funds sit in the „sellers“ trust claim that they were not the one who sells the domain name, so that no money is unlocked and the buyer really has no chance of suing the seller. Companies such as will not release money unless a court decision is made. 2. The seller agrees to transfer to the buyer all rights, titles and interests on and on the identified domain name, including all rights related to the domain name itself and any internet traffic on the domain name. Despite this, this agreement does not concern the content of the site which remains the property of the seller. It is precisely in the case of large or complex transactions that the use of a sales contract may be the best way to manage the sale and purchase of property. Find out what this legal document should contain and when to use it. The point I tried to make was that when I needed something from a lawyer a few years ago (before doing this for a living), I was working with a large company that didn`t have any significant experience with the domain name, and it cost a lot more because they had to spend time exploring the subject (I sold on Ebay and I wanted to create a non-responsibility clause for my sales). Note: It is often advisable to search the instructions.

In addition, if the domain name is more than a domain name, i.e. is a website business, should sometimes also be paid on all applicable bulk sales provisions as well as creditors` issues. Kent, it`s a good idea to have a lawyer-designed agreement. Although there are many intelligent Domainer, it may not be legally trained and allowed to develop this type of agreement. The answer to your question: Goodwill in trademark law means goodwill built between the source of the product or service and the public. The classic example is that if you see McDonald`s, you know you`re going to have a hamburger and you know exactly what you can expect from this burger. This quality (questionable?) and the consistency you expect from McDonald`s. The phrase „including all trademark rights and value“ is the standard language of trademark rights allocation and may have nothing to do with the transfer of a domain name. @Michael Cyger: It`s new. How does fax work in this case? I guess the seller is from the U.S.

and the buyer is from Italy, so the seller first fax the agreement (with their signature, date, etc.) and then the buyer gets to Italy and signs it there and then you send them back to the seller? Of course, when I was working with someone who had a lot of experience with domain names, there was less time for research, and therefore the cost was lower. I would like to know if anyone else has any other clauses that someone could ask their lawyer if they are preparing a domain purchase-purchase contract. Please post the comment idea or clause. You should contact a domain name lawyer to make it a project (here a list:, or ask if the broker you want to work with has used one in the past. However, not all domain agreements require meaningful documentation and a simple sales invoice with a property warranty/guarantee can be perfectly correct. However, stay away from emails. Emails are usually formal and contain very imprecise language. They also often do not contain the entire agreement (such as the use of, etc.).

Here are several free domain name purchase agreements for you to use.