United Pilot Agreement

While details of the agreement were not disclosed, CNBC referred to a memo from Todd Insler sent to members of the United Airlines chapter of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) who stated that ALPA President Todd Insler said the deal had „revolutionary provisions that offer the opportunity (for pilots) to remain qualified , which allows for a faster recall as soon as passenger demand returns. United`s agreement with the Air Line Pilots Association International (ALPA) includes a pre-retirement contract for pilots 62 years of age and older, as well as a number of different options for pilots to voluntarily reduce their working hours or take a leave of absence during which they could receive health benefits, as long as they retain their United-covered training. United Airlines has reportedly reached a preliminary agreement with its pilots` unions to prevent nearly 3,000 planes from flying on October 1. In a memo from the company that leaked more than a week ago, jobs and 13,000 other jobs were declared at risk. Chicago-based United said last week that it is sending information about possible Furloughs to 36,000 employees on the front line in the United States, or about 45 percent of employees, including 2,250 pilots. „This [provisional] agreement underscores our commitment to all 13,000 United pilots and represents the importance of the creative solutions needed to mitigate the mass layoffs of our pilots,“ said Todd Insler, president of the airline`s pilots` union. The airline said on September 16 that it continues to „try to reduce the number of involuntary Furloughs at United and is now a step closer to rescuing thousands of pilot jobs.“ This will allow it to react quickly as soon as travel demand returns, the Chicago-based airline added. Under the agreement, existing hours will be distributed among the pilot group, meaning that most pilots will temporarily work fewer days and earn less money. But the deal ensures that United`s 13,000 drivers keep their jobs, Insler said. JetBlue was one of the first to announce that an agreement had been reached with its pilots.

The airline was able to familiarize itself with an agreement in which no JetBlue pilot could be put into play until at least May 2021. The union and the airline did not provide information on the agreement, which has yet to be approved by union members and officials. Insler said he expected the city council to vote on the deal next week, and by that time, pilots will be able to verify all the details. It is not known how long Furlough`s plan could be avoided if it is adopted. „Hundreds of thousands of cabin crew need the CARES extension, but with pilots just a few weeks away, we`re looking forward to it,“ insler says. The airline said last week that it planned to lay off or lay off about 16,000 workers, including 2,850 pilots, as of October 1, unless it received additional federal funding from Congress. If members agree to the conditions, the airline will not dock pilots until June 2021. „Once we`ve upset those employees, for example, it`s really hard to get the pilots back into training,“ Parker said. So once we have and narrowed the airlines, our ability to continue to provide the services needed to get the economy out will be severely hampered.

The contract letter signed by the union and the airline prevents pilots from arriving until June 2021. In addition, the agreement creates a second set of „separate“ options for pilots over 50 years of age with 10 years of experience. The announcement comes from the fact that airline executives and workers continue to lobby Congress to reach an agreement by the end of March on extending wage assistance to front-line employees.