Bradford Development Negotiation A Linkage Agreement

During negotiations, Curry Corporation may accept a linkage payment corresponding to the estimated impact on the housing market. Such a decision means that the approval of the project launch will be accelerated. The effective implementation of the project can follow the solution. Administrative hurdlees will also be removed, so that the remaining permits will be issued with minimal problems. In this case, the problem is the lack of agreement between Curry Corporation and the Municipality of Bradford on the implementation of an interconnection policy. Under the administration of Mayor Fan Sutherland, the municipal government has set up a voluntary interconnection program in which developers contribute either to a housing fund corresponding to their estimated impact on the housing market, or to the construction of a home. In fact, Curry Corporation intends to develop the first major project under Sutherland`s administration, the Randolph Square building. The problem is that Curry Corporation does not approve the voluntary interconnection program put in place by the municipality. Several factors indicate why the lack of an agreement between the municipality and Curry Corporation is problematic. In fact, other developers are siding with Curry Corporation to maintain their position on refusing to pay volunteers. At the same time, Curry Corporation faces a dilemma when it adopts a tough stance. For example, the absence of liaison payments would mean that the necessary authorizations in administrative complaints could be delayed in the future.

In addition, citizens are concerned about the negative impact of new developments on affordable housing. Thus, new economic developments and the resulting influx of staff are causing inflation in the housing market and expelling long-term residents from the market. As a result, young people who have completed their education and are returning home worry that they will not be able to afford to live in their hometown. In addition, waiting lists for older social housing have increased. Schools also complain about their inability to recruit new teachers due to housing market inflation. The underlying issue represents the lump sum that Curry Corporation is currently required to pay to the Linkage Fund. Bradford, a former industrial city in New England, is experiencing an economic recovery. The city recently adopted a „Linkage Agreement“ policy that requires developers to make one-time payments to the city to offset infrastructure and housing costs. Curry Corporation („Curry“) is the first developer to propose a major project under the new government. Following a meeting with all relevant municipal authorities and citizen groups, the only major issue that remains outstanding in the proposed project is the reasonable amount of the link payment curry would have to make with the city. . .