Sap Outline Agreement Source List

Can there be multiple providers on the source list? When creating a framework agreement, automatically take the line of the agreement in a source list. In the summary image of the framework agreement, select the point for which a list of sources is to be created and select from the menu bar > keep the list of sources, as shown below: Create in a framework contract In the material purchase view, remove the source list box and save. Also enable OME5 if the installation control box is disabled, disable and save. Retry. In the initial image of the transactional code ME01, enter the material number and the work. In our example below, the hardware number DPC1001 represents the Ethernet coaxial cable for which we create the source list: Create the source list Initial image In the process of creating hardware with MM01 (hardware trunk) in the purchase view in other data, you can use source lists by selecting the Source list option that makes it mandatory to maintain a list of sources. The list of sources must indicate which source of supply is valid for a given period. It is also possible to indicate a preferred source as defined for a given period in the list of sources. When automatically identifying sources, the system offers precisely this source, even if there are other potential sources.

Logistics> Material Management>Buyer>Masters> List of sources Check if the associated purchasing organization was attached to the reference purchasing organization and if the purchasing organization was attached to the corresponding factory. If so, did you receive a message assigning the centralized OA to your Run-PR MRP in the ME52N transaction? Which purchasing organization has been assigned to your hardware in the ME01 source list? Alternatively, for each information set or framework agreement, a selected source list set for one or more materials can be created automatically. Once the source list is established, the dataset is used to create an order request. Let`s create a requirement to purchase 100-meter Ethernet coaxial cables using the list of sources in our example. Article: This box refers, where applicable, to the article number of the framework contract. When it comes to establishing delivery plans, you must maintain source lists in the SAP ME01 transaction. When creating or editing a set of purchase information, a set of source lists can be created. In the information set image, select extras > list of sources from the menu bar as shown below: Create In a purchase information set Each SAP purchase source is stored in a set of source lists, as well as clearly identified supply sources, namely supplier, internal delivery person, framework contract positions or contracts.

The source of supply supports the determination of the applicable source for an order request at a given time. Check the framework agreement as a fixed source and mark the framework agreement as device „2“ in the list of sources, then run MRP. However, when MRP is executed, the O/L agreement is not automatically identified as the source. . . .