Shareholders Agreement Example South Africa

The MOI is the top rank of both documents. It is, however, a public document, so certain points that shareholders wish to settle in a more confidential manner must be dealt with in the shareholders` agreement. All points of the shareholders` agreement in conflict with the MOI are null and void and not current. It is therefore important that both documents are prepared simultaneously. 13.3. Global Agreement. This Agreement constitutes and replaces the entire Agreement between the Parties and brings together all prior negotiations, arrangements and arrangements, whether oral or written, concerning their subject matter. 11.2. Any communication or communication necessary or authorized under this Agreement is valid and effective only if it is in writing, but it is entitled to notify it by fax or e-mail.

10.3. The payment of dividends ensures that the directors of the company are reasonably satisfied that the solvency and liquidity requirements have been met in accordance with the requirements of the law and subject to the appropriate satisfaction of the shareholders as to the need for prudence vis-à-vis the company. 11.1. The Parties shall choose domicilia citandi and executandi for all purposes within the framework of this Agreement, whether with regard to legal proceedings, communications or other documents or communications, the following addresses: As soon as two or more persons decide to do business in common, the shareholders` agreement should be the first document to be prepared and signed. Often, working on this document from the beginning or when the company is set up requires the parties to discuss and conclude aspects of their relationship that might not otherwise have been covered at all. 4.2. The provisions of this Agreement shall take precedence in any conflict between the provisions of this Agreement and the Memorandum or Articles of Association of the Company. This document is intended only for information and illustration of the diversity of written agreements.

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